Quality Foods – Chicken Samosa

My first foray in to writing about terrible food.  It focuses on one of my favourite foodstuffs which is available from the Red Cow Londis in Exeter for 99p.  A triangular snack favoured by those who don’t want to pay £1.29 for a sandwich is a return to the normal pre-packed soggy misery that will dominate your nightmares throughout this blog.


Containing a fantastic array of chemical agents including E102, E450, E451, Lactose and a generous portion of 20% actual chicken, this had an after-taste of vomit and regret.

There were pieces of reformed chicken bathing in a thick gloop of a vaguely curry tasting sauce which had became dry and pappy.

At some point in its life it was most probably crispy and golden, but the pre-packed sealed wrapping quickly saw that off.  At some point during eating this, I actaully saw a pea…


I’m not sure what Urad Flour is, and I am worried that they have actually ADDED gluten to it too…

What the hell?…

In conclusion – If you want a Samoso that costs 99p, find someone that makes them fresh.  This is one food stuff you can’t get away with packaging up.


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