Spaghetti & Sausages in Tomato Sauce

In Heinz’s realm of fantasy, they believe that this stuff is actually spaghetti in tomato sauce.  Like most tinned foods, it has an indeterminable date of production, maybe this year or last year? But ultimately this stuff is a preservative laden red gloop, completely removed from what it might be like if you made it from raw ingredients.

This variety comes with sausages. Although I would loosely call these ‘Water-Pea-Starch-Salt-Pork Nubs’ than sausages.


Back-in-the-day, as a care free child I ate this stuff without any question about what it was made from.  I didn’t read the back of the tin, I didn’t care about chemical additives and I definitely didn’t care about the fact that it ended up across my face and most of my clothes.

Over time recipes change, regulations change and so does labelling standards too.  Allergens are clearly marked in bold, but at the core of it the thing is still the same.  However one thing I noticed was that it seems much more watery than I remember.

I am still wondering what the other 57% of the sauce is given 43% is made up of tomato.

This is true convenience food.  Pour out this glutenous mess in to a bowl and microwave the hell out of it.  Watch it coagulate and thicken before your eyes before burning your mouth and regretting every bad decision you made, which included microwaving it in the first place.  Bon appetit…


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