Pot Noodles – Bombay Bad Boy

One of my earliest childhood memories centres around Pot Noodles.  On the occasions Iimg_20161014_122029888_hdr was off sick from school, it would always be a Pot Noodle for lunch, normally Chicken and Mushroom or Chow Mein flavours were the go-to ones for me at the time.  I never got on with Beef & Tomato particularly, and the Sweet & Sour flavour was just a little too weird for my early taste buds.  Chicken & Mushroom is always my flavour, even today it is the one.

The high salt content, the fats and the bad press; even the fact that Pot Noodles were Britain’s-Most-Hated-Brand in 2004, makes them a perfect addition for the CFC.  But I have a soft spot for them.

The pot is synonymous. It is a certain height, portion controlled to an inch of its life.  They are made in South Wales, most probably by oompa-loompas with green skin and red eyebrows perhaps?

Often on special offer in shops, they are ridiculed by those who are good at healthy eating and loved by students.  They are ingrained in to British culture like Fish & Chips, Marmite and Cornettos.  They are, like the aforementioned, owned by Unilever who have this monopoly on some of our favourite foodstuffs.

img_20161014_121953676_hdrSo here we have the Bombay Bad Boy, a flavour that sounds more like a sex toy than something you would put in your mouth… or maybe? Hmm.

Quickly moving on.

It has a black case that denotes danger like a stinging insect or a some sort of poisonous frog.

Here, have some strange tasting hot-sauce with your already very hot foodstuff.  I believe it is meant to taste like a curry, but it just tastes of furnace.

This isn’t my favourite type of Pot Noodle. There is no spectrum to the taste of the curry, which is such a shame because a good curry has a wide spectrum of tastes which isn’t really done justice with this one.  I’m not entirely convinced they knew what curry tasted like when they developed the flavour, it just doesn’t taste of anything in particular which is a complete contrast to the Chicken & Mushroom flavour which tastes of Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodles, and less so of Chicken or Mushroom.

In conclusion – This is legendary crap food is still crap and nostalgic, there is too much sodium and far too much saturated fat yet they’re still popular and much loved.  Weird.


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